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Example Resources

Example Resources from the
Network and Association

Fresh resources appear regularly in term-time through the email Network, and they are also generated by Association group leaders’ conferences. The following articles, which arose from an Association leaders’ gathering, give a flavour of what is in store.

Thinking Christianly
in Academia

How to Organise an Evangelistic Event
as a Postgraduate Christian Group

Connecting with International Postgraduate Students

How to Start or Revive
a Postgraduate Group

Longer term, our bespoke resource-development work, the Gospel and Academia Project, seeks to strengthen an evangelical contribution to the wider faith-and-scholarship conversation by providing a dedicated space for those whose primary confessional commitments are clear but who would like to help each other fill what is often perceived as a ‘gap’ in this arena.


GAP is a partnership with a wider range of ministries, researching, curating and commissioning foundational resources for Christians at the outset of their university careers, ​celebrating the goodness and relevance of a gospel-centred theological vision for fruitful and faithful academic service. 

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