What is it?

The Association of Christian Postgraduate Groups allows self-led groups for Christian postgraduate students in Europe to gain the profile and support which results from deliberately associating together around a shared mission and common values.

We are introducing the Association in response to requests over recent years from independent local groups who have sought such a shared platform, and have seen IFES as its natural home. 

The Association is co-ordinated by Martin Herdegen, who is an associate professor of financial mathematics, and working in a voluntary capacity alongside support from Anja Lijcklama à Nijeholt (see the Network page) and others. He has experience of ministry across three European countries. As an undergraduate he studied in Munich in his native Germany. As a doctoral student in Zurich he helped to found a local postgraduate group in conjunction with the German-speaking Swiss IFES movement. On moving to his current role at the University of Warwick, he started a postgrad and staff fellowship with the encouragement of a worker in the British IFES movement. Martin is also an active member of the FEUER Academic Speakers' Network.

Why Join?

The Association seeks to provide:
  • Encouragement and envisioning - to those starting or leading groups.
  • Resources for groups - based on ideas that have been fruitful across the Continent.
  • Training for leaders - both through our annual leaders gatherings, hosted around the Forming a Christian Mind conferences, and through the possibility of mentoring. 
  • Profile and publicity - through our forthcoming list of associated groups.

Next Steps

If you're interested in joining the Association with your group or planning to start a new group in your city get in touch.
We would love to hear from you.
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