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Good News for the University

Jesus Christ is good news for the university and its scholars

We are passionate about postgraduate students in Europe serving Christ with a twofold mission, both: 

From Christ to our research: in our academic roles we pursue creation’s flourishing, working excellently and serving the good of the university under Christ’s Lordship and in the light of Scripture; and

From our research to Christ: as we trace the way our field points to God’s glory, we praise him and seek to bring others with us, turning our expertise toward persuasive gospel outreach.

The initiative comprises three main components working together in pursuit of a common vision:


Our email Network provides regular term-time news, readings and reflection questions for individual postgraduates in all academic disciplines, helping them explore the intersection between their Christian faith and their academic endeavour, arising from a gospel-shaped understanding of its intellectual foundations and purposes.

If you are a Masters, doctoral, or post-doctoral student within the region of IFES Europe, and would like to join the network and receive updates on relevant resources and events, please subscribe on the Network page.


Our Association of Christian Postgraduate Groups provides an umbrella for self-led local postgraduate groups who would like to benefit from the encouragement and profile of connectivity with similar groups across Europe sharing the same vision and values. We also offer resourcing for group leaders.

For more information, see the Association page.


Our resource-development work, the Gospel and Academia Project, seeks to strengthen an evangelical contribution to the wider faith-and-scholarship conversation by providing a dedicated space for those whose primary confessional commitments are clear but who would like to help each other fill what is often perceived as a ‘gap’ in this arena.


GAP is a partnership with a wider range of ministries, researching, curating and commissioning foundational resources for Christians at the outset of their university careers, ​celebrating the goodness and relevance of a gospel-centred theological vision for fruitful and faithful academic service.

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